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Web Rebels 3rd edition is a wrap! 


Web Rebels class of 2014

First off we just want to thank everyone who contributed to making the 2014 Web Rebels an amazing experience: attendees, open mic speakers, speakers, sponsors. We love you all and thank you for being our source of inspiration for doing this!

Every year we send out a survey to everyone… Unix Philosophy and Node.js 


At TxJS the other day, I gave a talk where I mentioned that the Unix Philosophy is a crucial part of the patterns, opinions, and culture of Node.js. As usual, I made my slides available online well in advance of the talk video being available.

For some reason, this brief mention of “Unix…

TJ Holowaychuk: Stylus gets @extend 


@extend is a great little feature which originated in SASS, and now finds a home in Stylus. If you’ve ever written CSS like this, you know it can become quite the pain to maintain large lists of selectors:

.message, .warning, .error { font-size: 14px; padding: 5px 10px; border: 1px solid...

mraleph: Improved V8 external arrays support and nodejs Buffer type 


Recently V8’s optimizing pipeline (Crankshaft) got full support for external arrays (aka WebGL typed arrays). One of core NodeJS types - Buffer - is exposed to JavaScript code as an external unsigned byte array so I decided to do a small unscientific benchmark to see the improvement with my…

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